Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year - Funny Experiences

Hey Family!
Well I hope everyone is doing well. Things are getting better here in Elmwood, slowly but surely. We had some funny, I guess, experiences. So New Years was alright. We stayed up 20 minutes past 10:30, oh no watch out haha. My sleep schedule is somewhat normal now, but I expect that to change for a little bit when I get home haha.
We have been emphasizing working with the members and things are starting to progress. We did bear our testimonies the first Sunday we were there so hopefully that helped a bit. We have been visiting the members regularly as well. We actually started teaching a friend of Sister Oltman's daughter named Trae. He is pretty cool. We went to the trail center and all that jazz and we're going to watch the Joseph Smith movie with him tonight at the Oltman's. 

So as far as funny experiences, we met this dude named Paul Weisahpl (pronounced wise apple) and we walked with him for a couple of miles, but basically he said he is in a spiritual crisis right now, and that he's going to rehab for the 9th time. He is a super smart guy, actually like genius status, but he got into drugs and uses his smarts for not so smart things. He was so darn funny though. Holy cow, everything he said was hilarious. But he was very vulgar unfortunately. So we actually sat down with him, and got to teach him, and he opened up and said he wants to change, and he wants to start over. We talked about how through the Atonement he could and read a passage out of Alma 36 with him and talked about how Alma's change of heart, and he said that really "spoke to him" and he said he wanted to have a better life, and that he would read the Book of Mormon while he's in rehab and he wants to missionaries to visit him there. Pretty cool. 

Oh another story. We were driving home and there was this dude, sitting on the side of the rode, and as we drove by we noticed there was blood all over his face, and we were like "oh crap" so we pulled over and he then crawled his way to the middle of the street. Turns out he was super drunk and fell and hit his face. He needed to get to his apartment and he said one of his knees was really bad so he couldn't walk. That and he was hammered, I'm sure that was part of the reason. His apartment was just a block away, but we unfortunately aren't allowed to give rides to people in the mission cars, but luckily someone else stops, and hesitantly offered to help (he was super scared the guy was going to kill him or something so he asked us to watch them as he drove the block) and got him into his car, and drove him to his apartment. We then helped him in to his room. I just remember helping him up the stairs and his pants were down so his bare butt was right in front of my face. I just remember asking him "Would you like me to pull your pants up, sir" And he was like "no, I'm good" hahahaha. We then got him to his room and he just fell down and sat there on the floor. Beer cans were everywhere. Well we gave him our number and told him to call us when he sobers up, but we'll probably go visit him soon, since we know where he lives. 

Well anyways that's all I got for this week hahaha. I hope all you have a great week! I hope everyone starts feeling better! Well I love you guys!
Elder Ballif

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