Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Baptismal Preparations and upcoming Transfers

What up everyone!?

How is everyone doing? I hope swell. I'm doing pretty good myself. 

We had ourselves a pretty fantastic week this past week. Jed and Emmy Lake had their baptismal interviews and both passed so now where just waiting till Saturday. Gosh that's coming up quickly! I am pretty darn excited for it. Baptisms are always a "high" on a mission. I'm not sure how much time I have left in Logan, and I have a feeling this could definitely be my last transfer here, so it'd be awesome to go off that note. It should be interesting to see what happens. Transfers are next week. Freakin weird stuff. This transfer has flown by. 

I got the package, Mom. Thank you so much! The beef jerky is already gone and the Hi-Chews are depleting rapidly haha. I did get some help on them from the Zone Leaders though. They were over on Friday night and Saturday for the baptismal interviews. 

Speaking of baptismal interviews, I have to do my first one this week. That should be pretty fun haha. I don't feel super nervous right now, but I'm sure I will when the time actually does come. 

So what else to talk about? Oh Gina Green is still struggling with accepting the whole polygamy thing. Thank you for your input on that Mom. And it's not even the polygamy issue really. I say polygamy because it's related to the issue. Her issue is whether Joseph Smith was involved in it at all. OF COURSE HE FREAKIN WAS! It's a bit frustrating but whatever. They've been told so much crap it's not even funny. Brigham Young made Section 132 up?... What? Everyone and their dog that lived in that time knows and kept record that Joseph Smith was the instituter of that. Too bad the RLDS Church is built on lies. A sandy foundation. And we're seeing the results of what happens when you do that, today. Oh well. Sorry for the rant.  

Anyways, I finally told her to read the section, beginning with a prayer and ending with a prayer, specifically asking if that revelation is from God. So far she has been unsuccessful in doing so. But we'll keep working with her. So anyways she's a tough code to crack. 

Moving on. Pam, Eric and Spencer are doing well. They haven't been to Church lately, due Eric getting a job requiring to work 6 days a week and he gets like 1 Sunday in 6 off. And his truck's breaks went out so he's driving Pam's car so she doesn't have a car. She could still get rides, but we'll stop by today, probably, just to make sure everything is good. 

I'm going to wrap this up. I'll make sure to get plenty of pictures of the baptism on Saturday. Have a great week everyone! I love you all!

Elder Ballif

Monday, July 21, 2014

Zoo and Trip to Council Bluffs

Hey Family!

So my last week has been pretty good. It was virtually the same as the week before haha. I got sick this week and we were in Atlantic for a day and a half so it was pretty similar numbers wise. Jed and Emmy Lake (the 2 kids set for baptism) are doing great. They were at church yesterday, and we went over for a lesson last night, and it went well. Everything is working out for the August 2nd baptism. I am pretty excited. 

We weren't able to see Gina Green yesterday, but called her on Saturday and set something up for Wednesday so hopefully that works out. Maybe I'll bring that church history book the member we live with has, so she can read that part of the history. The RLDS church is full of shenanigans. 

Oh speaking of that. So the Elder's Quorum President, the ex rlds pastor. So yesterday, in priesthood, he was talking about the sacrament and said that the RLDS church during sacrament gets on their knees and bows, and he said he thinks the LDS Church could learn a few things from the RLDS. Oh man that upset me. I didn't say anything, but goodness that irked me. But whatever. 

The zoo last week was pretty good. The gorillas were being lazy, that was my biggest complaint. But other than that it was good. Before we went to the zoo, we went to Guitar Center and that was really fun. We played around on their techno machines and synthesizers, and man those are fun to play with. 

That's not really surprising that Dante Exum gets lost sometimes. I mean like you said the kid is only 19. He'll get things figured out. But that's pretty sweet about Hood. Hopefully he can keep that up and doesn't turn into a Morris Almond. 

This week should be fun. We are getting a new car tomorrow. I have no idea what it is, but if it is a 2014 Corolla I wouldn't complain a bit. I think those are really nice looking. Or a new Subaru would be sweet. But whatever it is I won't mind. 

We also had interviews with our Mission President this last week. They went really well. He said something which could be taken as a hint that I'm leaving this area soon, but you never know. I am excited about the 2 baptisms coming up, for sure. 

I can't believe I've been blessed to be involved in 5 baptisms in Logan. Who would have thunk? You would think Bellevue would have had a lot more going on, but from what I hear it's worse than it was when I left now. Oh well, all areas go up and down. 

Oh and Mom, about things for that package. Hmmmm. Well you can't forget the HiChews. Also Beef Jerky is sweet. Maybe some giftcards to Walmart, or something. But other than that, I don't mind surprises ;) 

Well I'm going to get going. I hope all of you have a fantastic week! I love you guys!

Elder Ballif

Monday, July 7, 2014

Teaching Joseph Smith's great great great grandaughter

Hey Family!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week. My past week was a pretty good one. Elder Stubbs is pretty legit. I like him a lot and we're getting along really well. 

As far as teaching goes this week, it was pretty good, nothing too spectacular. We saw Gina Green again. Joseph Smith is her great great great grandpa I believe. Joseph Smith >
Alexander Smith > Don Alexis Smith > Her Mom > Her. Pretty freakin sweet if you ask me. I guess a while back, those bozo's in the RLDS Church, told them that if "we" the mormon church found any descendants we'd send our "mafia" and kill them. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. But luckily our Church is smart and had a celebration of Joseph Smith's birthday a while back and invited her and her sister to it and they decided to go to it, and they were treated really really well, so that kind of thwarted the RLDS agenda. We decided to watch Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration with her. She had never seen it and it's probably the best movie the Church has put out. She liked it a lot. She told us she believes that he was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true and that there is no way he could have made that up. That was awesome to hear. She just needs to start coming to church and everything should be great. We will be seeing her sometime again this week so I am excited.

We weren't able to see the Bruck family this week, but that's alright. It seems like they're always out doing something. Oh well, we'll catch them sooner or later. Other than that there's not much to talk about. 

We talk some slightly trashy people. They smoke like chimneys and chew and all that. He has known about the church for quite awhile and was actually involved in the Boy Scout program there when he was younger. He said that the Word of Wisdom is a commandment that doesn't apply to him. And I then asked him, if God himself were to ask you to follow the Word of Wisdom, would you? And he responded "Well it depends on what he looks like"... What duh? What is that even supposed to mean? So that was fun. 

Things are going great with Elder Stubbs. I could definitely spend more than 1 transfer with him. He actually reminds me quite a it of Chappell. Hey quick question. Would any of you guys happen to have the book titled "The Infinite Atonement" by Tad R. Callister. I really want to read it. 
And a member here gave me a copy of Mormon Doctrine. Not a very nice one but it'll do while I'm on a mission. And I also got a $50 book called Exploring the Lands of the Book of Mormon. It is super interesting. I got it for free. There was this guy that passed away in the ward who had a ton of books (including the entire collection of the Journal of Discourses, a 500 dollar value) and they let me have that book. I wish I could've gotten the Journal of Discourses but that's alright haha. 

Oh and Dad, let me get this straight. I only watched the first 5 picks of the draft. I just heard about Rodney Hood from hearsay with other missionaries, since word travels fast. 

Have a great week everyone! Thank you Mom and Dad, for getting me out on a mission. It has been the greatest thing I have ever done, thus far in my life. 

Well I'm going to get going. I love all of you guys! Oh and by the way could you guys send me Heather's email so I can include her on the send to list or whatever. Thank you!

Elder Ballif