Monday, August 12, 2013

Got to go to the Temple Again

Hey Family!

 Things are going pretty good here in Bellevue.

We weren't able to see Dan this week but we did see Chan, Robert, Chris and some others.
Chan is so darn hard to understand. There is definitely a language barrier there but I try my hardest to piece things together. He usually just read out of the Book of Mormon and that can be rough sometimes. I think we should look into getting him a copy of it in his native language.

Robert is still atheist/agnostic. He doesn't really know. But we keep working with him and have been reading scriptures with him and leaving chapters for him to read. I don't think he's actually read any of the things we have left
him with. But we're not giving up.

 Chris is awesome. His last name is actually Brosnan. The ward directory says differently but yeah. We taught him the restoration and everything is going great. They came to church and he definitely is ready. September 14th. Hopefully I'll still be here.

We also taught Steve. I don't know if I've mentioned him. Well we basically got to know him. He's a super cool dude. He used to be in the airforce doing maintenance and he mentioned he's worked with Avionics so yeah I
definitely mentioned what you do, Dad. We talked for a good hour and a half haha. Super nice guy and he started reading the Book of Mormon so that is great.

 Another person is this lady we met named Anny. She has Mormon friends and says she wants to start taking the lessons. She seems super friendly and she seems like she could have some potential.

We're actually going to play basketball today and Chris said he'll try to make it. I hope he can.

And as far as reading goes I will probably start reading through Mosiah again and will definitely start the NT.

 We got to go to the temple again this past Friday and I got to see the new video. It's definitely better in my opinion. And that's all I'll say about that.

Well I should probably get going. Sorry for the shortness of email. We'll it's not like any of mine are long but it's kind of hard having to email multiple people in an hour. Some missions you can take as long as you want, but not here.

Oh well. I love you guys! Stay safe everyone. May the Lord be with you!

Elder Ballif

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