Monday, August 5, 2013

Taught 12 Lessons and set Baptismal Date for Chris

Hey Family!
My week went pretty well--probably the best week numbers wise here in Bellevue. We had 12 lessons and everything is great with the Brosmans. Chris the husband is the only one of age but he's pretty darn solid. He's actually set for baptism on the 14th of September. He just took everything in and he is really awesome. He is a mechanic for the military and works on Amtracks. Video games helped me out with this one. :) They're the tanks that can float and go into water as well. Thank you Battlefield haha. So yeah I actually knew what he was talking about haha. I have high hopes for him. He is a really cool dude. 

That brings me to Robert. Things are still going well to my knowledge. He continues to meet with us and we'll see tomorrow where he's at. He is a really nice kid. Actually could you guys look into getting this book for me called Reflections of a Scientist. It's by Henry Eyring (not the apostle but he was LDS and a very renown scientist) and it helps connect science and religion very well I hear. Reason I'm asking is I think it would do Robert some good as well. But I think he has great potential he just needs to understand and recognize the Spirit. 

And Dan. Dan is awesome. Arguably my favorite person I've met. It will be a challenge to get him to church seeing how he works on Sundays but Heavenly Father can help out in that aspect. Sorry if this is a short email but I need to get going pretty soon. He showed us one of his AR-15s and boy was it cool. It had a tactical light, a laser sight and a mounted red dot sight. He used to be in the military and actual combat. And don't worry Mom, we're careful. He is really serious about gun safety especially after what happened to his son. We got to watch Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration and it went pretty well. He said he really enjoyed it. I did too haha. 

 I hope everything is going well back home. And yes Tori's birthday is on Thursday and you can do whatever. I'm sure she would appreciate anything you guys got her. I'm working on getting some stuff for her myself. 

And I hope I get to catch some of the BYU season as well. It's all about Adam Hine, Dad ;) I've also been getting really close to a recent convert named Dean Harris. He's actually around your guy's age and he really funny. 

Well I love you guys! I hope everyone is doing good. I haven't heard from/about Austin in a while. 

Have a great week everyone! The Church is true! The Savior lives! Stay safe everyone. Love you guys.
Elder Ballif

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