Monday, January 13, 2014

Still in Bellevue :)

Hey Family!

How is everyone? I doing pretty well. This will probably be a short email this week but I'll try to make it decent. So this week was transfer week. I'm still in Bellevue haha. Probably 1 more transfer here. That will bring me to February 21st

Well anyways this week has been a fun also because we have lost our car. We got put into a car share which kind of sucks but whatever. We've done a lot of walking the past few days. Which is fine. I could probably use some more walking. 

We have not been able to see the Vigil's this week. Things seem to be cooling down with them. They don't answer the door when it seems like they're home and they don't respond to texts or anything. So yeah that is pretty nice. Whatever I'm sure it'll all work out. 

Someone that is doing good is Tom Perry. We brought along a couple in the ward with us to see him. He is doing good. He's still reading (listening) to the Book of Mormon and is praying more. We had a very good lesson with him. It was the Webster's that came with us and Sister Webster is a convert of 2 years and Brother Webster is one of the smartest people in the gospel that I've met. He's very into Church History and all that jazz. We have some deep gospel discussions sometimes so that's fun. 

That's about all that is new. This week wasn't very eventful. Other than losing the car and having to walk everywhere. So we should have a car every other week. But yeah I'm doing good. I am a little homesick though. Well I always am but I think the holiday season magnified it. But don't worry about me I'll be fine. 

I hope everyone is doing good. How is Austin doing? I have not heard from him for a bit. But anyways I love you guys. 

 I have read the first 25 pages or so of the book Dad sent on the Prophet Joseph Smith. I like it a lot. Some very interesting stuff. It makes me feel not as bad that I goof around seeing that the Joseph Smith did as well--especially with kids. 

Well I'm going to play some ball. Love ya! Say hi to everyone! Have great week everyone.

Elder Ballif

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