Monday, July 21, 2014

Zoo and Trip to Council Bluffs

Hey Family!

So my last week has been pretty good. It was virtually the same as the week before haha. I got sick this week and we were in Atlantic for a day and a half so it was pretty similar numbers wise. Jed and Emmy Lake (the 2 kids set for baptism) are doing great. They were at church yesterday, and we went over for a lesson last night, and it went well. Everything is working out for the August 2nd baptism. I am pretty excited. 

We weren't able to see Gina Green yesterday, but called her on Saturday and set something up for Wednesday so hopefully that works out. Maybe I'll bring that church history book the member we live with has, so she can read that part of the history. The RLDS church is full of shenanigans. 

Oh speaking of that. So the Elder's Quorum President, the ex rlds pastor. So yesterday, in priesthood, he was talking about the sacrament and said that the RLDS church during sacrament gets on their knees and bows, and he said he thinks the LDS Church could learn a few things from the RLDS. Oh man that upset me. I didn't say anything, but goodness that irked me. But whatever. 

The zoo last week was pretty good. The gorillas were being lazy, that was my biggest complaint. But other than that it was good. Before we went to the zoo, we went to Guitar Center and that was really fun. We played around on their techno machines and synthesizers, and man those are fun to play with. 

That's not really surprising that Dante Exum gets lost sometimes. I mean like you said the kid is only 19. He'll get things figured out. But that's pretty sweet about Hood. Hopefully he can keep that up and doesn't turn into a Morris Almond. 

This week should be fun. We are getting a new car tomorrow. I have no idea what it is, but if it is a 2014 Corolla I wouldn't complain a bit. I think those are really nice looking. Or a new Subaru would be sweet. But whatever it is I won't mind. 

We also had interviews with our Mission President this last week. They went really well. He said something which could be taken as a hint that I'm leaving this area soon, but you never know. I am excited about the 2 baptisms coming up, for sure. 

I can't believe I've been blessed to be involved in 5 baptisms in Logan. Who would have thunk? You would think Bellevue would have had a lot more going on, but from what I hear it's worse than it was when I left now. Oh well, all areas go up and down. 

Oh and Mom, about things for that package. Hmmmm. Well you can't forget the HiChews. Also Beef Jerky is sweet. Maybe some giftcards to Walmart, or something. But other than that, I don't mind surprises ;) 

Well I'm going to get going. I hope all of you have a fantastic week! I love you guys!

Elder Ballif

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