Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Leaving the MTC and Traveling to Nebraska Today

Ryan was able to call and talk to mom and dad briefly while he is in route to Nebraska today. He said that overall he had a good time in the MTC, although he is ready to go now and do real missionary work. He did not care for the long classes, but enjoyed feeling the spirit and really enjoyed teaching fake investigators--as he said he always felt the spirit as they were able to teach.

Of course he asked how the Jazz were doing and how some of his favorite players were doing.

He did have one neat experience he shared. He just received a new camera from home and another Elder in his district accidentally dropped it and it stopped working. I guess the Elder that dropped Ryan's camera comes from limited circumstances and would find it very difficult if he had to replace the camera. Ryan tried to fix it ( Ryan is very good mechanically ), but could not. His whole district felt bad about what had happened and they decided to pray that Ryan could fix it. Right after the prayer Ryan tried again and was able to fix it and they all felt it was an answer to their prayer.

 He is excited to get to Nebraska and get to work. He sends his love and thanks everyone for their support!

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