Monday, March 18, 2013

Setting a Baptismal Date for Daniel Tonight

Hey there family!
My week has been alright. It was a bit slower than last week but it still ended up being not bad. Daniel (Stake President's daughter's husband) is not a member so we are going to set him for baptism tonight! We see them about twice a week and we're still working with him with the tobacco but I know he can do it. 

 I got the music and ties so thank you for that! The Lord of the Rings ones aren't very good quality (my favorite song sounds like it was recorded in a tin can) so yeah I'm going to, if it's alright with you, order them on amazon. Like now. And The Two Towers included. And Inception.Sorry for spending so  much money but it's hard to have some money left over since our members don't feed us often so we have to spend more than we would like on food. I'll be set for my mission with these soundtracks I promise. And if I want something else I'll just get it with my mission card and skip some meals. I'm sorry. But the Dark Knight soundtrack and X-Men are great! Thank you so much for them. And I can't wait for TDKR. It's too bad it's taking so long because I could have just boughten it at Hastings very easily. But whatever I can wait... But not for LOTR ;) 

 I finally got to Mosiah in the BoM (which I hear from my companion is awesome especially with missionary work) so I'm definitely excited to read through that. All of the Isaiah parts in Nephi were really confusing but I got through them haha. 

 I love you guys so much and I'm excited to probably have a baptism soon! It'll be fun! You guys are so amazing and you help me out so much and I'm so grateful for that! I know this is where I need to be and I'm learning and growing so much out here! I'm sorry for being kind of a butt head about church stuff before I came out. I definitely did not have a testimony but out here it's growing everyday! I love you guys!
Elder Ballif

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