Monday, May 20, 2013

Weather and Teaching Heating Up

Hey Family!
Well sorry for not writing back too much last week but there wasn't much to respond too ;) This week went pretty well. We had 16 lessons the most me and Elder Chappell have ever had. We were going for 20 but I got sick on Saturday and was throwing up so yeah we didn't go out but I'm feeling better now. 

Oh and mom that would be nice if you sent the Book of Mormon CD's. But if you want to use them then that's fine. Also didn't you guys send Austin some DVD's of documentaries about the geographical stuff about the BoM? I would love some stuff like that as well. And Mom the only thing on the list you should and are some short sleeve white shirts. I only have 1 that I got in the MTC. And I can't find them at Goodwill. It was 103 degrees last week and humid as tish. It sucks. But I'll survive and having some more short sleeves would help. 

As far as the investigators go I feel that Juan has progressed. As far as I know he is starting to read and pray more which is great. CC and Daniel and still smoking and chewing. Quote of the week "I can quit chewing easily. I've done it like 5 times." Yeah anyways the Gibsons are starting to make excuses how they're "too busy" but they don't work (not one of them) so I have a hard time believing that. But I think we have a set thing on the 24th with them so I hope that works out. 

But yeah, we're going to the driving range with Juan today so that should be fun. Golfing sounds really fun to me right now for some reason. And tomorrow we're going to Lincoln for a Zone Conference so that'll be fun. I've never been so it'll be interesting. 

And as far as reading goes I'm somewhere in the 40's in Alma. I'm still loosing weight so I'm happy about that. And we're having dinner with some of my favorite members in the ward, the Mendez'. Noe and Toni (Antonia). They are super cool. They have been members for about 4 years and just went through the temple a month or 2 ago. I'm excited for that. I'm doing well and I can't believe I've been out almost 4 months already. 

Oh and yeah there haven't been any tornadoes but there have been some pretty crazy rain and thunderstorms the last 2 nights. There was lightning literally ever 2-5 seconds. It was sweet. 

I love you guys so much! And miss you! I hope you guys are having a great week!
Elder Ballif

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