Monday, May 6, 2013

New Companion Elder Chappel from West Jordan, Utah

Hey everyone!
I'm doing pretty good. Elder Chappell (my new companion) is a beast of a missionary. Yeah I've lost 9 pounds since he's gotten here so I'm pretty happy about that. Yeah I loved Elder Crozier but we didn't work as hard as we should have. Anyways I thought it would suck but I'm actually pretty happy. He's a cool guy and a super good missionary. And Elder Chappell is from West Jordan, Utah so that's neat. 

And this transfers a lot of stuff happened to our district. We now have Sisters in Hastings (where Kool-Aid was invented and they are now in our district and used to not be) and Aurora got whitewashed (2 new missionaries) But Grand Island other than Elder Crozier stayed the same. Elder Chappell has been out for about 10 and a half months and has already trained twice and is and has been District Leader so yeah. Pretty crazy. He trained right after he was trained. 

And as far as I know Daniel is off tobacco and could have been baptized this week but it's not going to work out because he's struggling finding a job and they say they don't know if the church is going to pay for another month but I don't know we'll see. 

I've been a little slower with reading. I'm in Alma 26 but yeah I hope I can pick the pace up. 

This past week was pretty good. We ended up having 11 lessons and that's pretty good for P-Week (transfer week). 

I could stay in Grand Island anywhere from 1 more transfer or 3 more transfers so I don't know we'll see. Transfers are 6 weeks. 

That's sweet about the taxes. I'll try not to spend anything as far as my checking account goes. Maybe for some food at the end of the month if I don't have any or some ties at Goodwill ;) So yeah if everything works out, Daniel could be baptized by 5/18 I believe. I'm hoping it does work out. 

I love you guys and I hope you are doing good!
Elder Ballif

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