Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Investigator fun!

Hey there Family! I hope all of you have had a wonderful day. And

My past week was not too bad. Not the greatest but still it ended up being pretty good. We didn't end up going to the Trail Center with the Perry's. Sylvia had some appointments come up or something but we did reschedule on the 23rd or 25th I'm not entirely sure-- the 25th will be my last day with Elder Belnap so that'll be interesting.

Things are still going well with the Perry's though. Tom came and played basketball yesterday so that was great. We will probably stop by their house sometime this week and see how they're doing.

Eric is doing pretty good. He still has some views that aren't exactly correct. Well as far as how we are. He, for example, said that he believes our church has a lot of false prophets. Reason being he thought every single ward had prophets. He didn't understand that the church has a headquarters so to speak. Well anyway yeah it's been fun teaching him.

I believe Annie is doing good but I'm not entirely sure. We didn't get to see her this week but she's been busy so I think that is a good thing. We'll try to catch her some time this week.

We also got a weird text from Dan saying his wife is angry with him for meeting with us. But he still wants to see us this weekend so that's good. I just don't want to get his wife mad at him. But yeah we'll see how this situation progresses.

We also have a pretty new investigator named Miranda. We found her because she lives in the house of a less active member that has now moved. She said her and her husband (who is deployed) have been looking for a religion. We have taught her the restoration but nothing since then because it's hard to get everything set up because we have to have someone else come with us because we can't be in the house of a women home alone. But when we start to get things going I could very well see her getting baptized.

We haven't seen Scipio since I last talked about him. His wife was upset or something (Jehovah's Witness) so yeah he said to wait a few weeks and let things cool down. So we'll probably try back sometime this week.

Yes Dad I did get the book. I finished it and it was a good book. I'm not sure how I can apply the views and things in the book to help Tom but I'm sure I'll be able to after a bit more study.

Well I need to get going. I hope everyone is doing good. Tell Austin good luck with school. And tell Mom she's looking good.

Well I'm sure she'll read this but yeah. I love you all!

Elder Ballif

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