Monday, December 16, 2013

Another New Investigator Yay!

Hey Family!

How is everyone doing? Things are going well for me. Elder Collins and I are doing good. We are getting along quite well and it's been fun the past few weeks. This week wasn't the greatest teaching wise but it still was good.

We were able to see Tom again and had some good talks
with him. He still is struggling with the whole faith thing but he is more willing to pray now so that's good. Hopefully he can start praying on his own now.

Joseph and Celeste went to New Mexico last
week and will be coming back at the end of this week so we have not seen them lately.

Yes I will be able to Skype on Christmas day. I
don't know when. We still need to work out the details. I'll let you guys know.

And you guys don't have to get me the 2013 Edition for
the scriptures. I've thought about it more and I don't really need them. And they'll probably get beat up a little being out here.

Oh and
Mom I don't know if you made a mistake on the order for Costco or not but I did get a package from Costco but it was not a shaver. It was a couple of boxes of candy. Just letting you know in case that wasn't what you intended on ordering.

So one thing pretty cool that
happened this week was we were going to see someone that we gave a Book of Mormon a few months ago and we went up to the house and knocked on the door and a different guy answered and he took a Book of Mormon and wanted to meet with us again so we set up an appointment for this weekend. So as we were walking away I was thinking "That was weird" and then realized it wasn't even the guy we were planning on seeing's house. I swear it was at the time but it turned out to be his next door neighbor. So that was pretty neat. New investigator! Yay! And it was from my stupidity. But who knows maybe the Spirit made the other house appear to be the other one in my eyes ;)

This week we're
going to emphasize finding a lot more. I might even do some of that dreadful tracting people talk about. Tracting really isn't too bad it's just getting the motivation to do it. But whatever we'll do some this week.

I'm glad your job is going well for you. Booz Allen sounds
pretty neat.

Well anyways I'm going to get going. I love you guys!
I'll see you on the 25th! And I'll still email on the 23rd.

Have a
great week! Sorry if I forgot to answer any questions.

Elder Ballif

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