Monday, December 30, 2013

Great To Talk on Christmas

Hey Family!

Well I'm glad everyone had a great Christmas. I definitely enjoyed talking to all of guys even though it made me slightly homesick. But I'm over it haha. Well not to say I don't miss you guys but I am back into the swing of things. ;)

The rest of my week went pretty well. We
 were able to take Tom to the trail center and walked around the temple grounds so that was very nice. He seemed to enjoy it but he's a fairly hard guy to read. But we did commit him to baptism on the 8th of February and he committed to read the entire Book of Mormon by that time. We got him the gospel library app as well, which I think will expedite the process. The ball is in his court.

There also has been
 this less active member we've been trying to see the past several months and we have a few times but it seems like avoids us, but we saw him this week and he opened up. He said usually when he doesn't answer the door it's because he's drunk and he thinks it's disrespectful to subject us to that. We also had a good talk about church and the gospel and his friend who is agnostic was also there. It was a very good discussion and I had a good time. His name is John Peoples. I think he has a bigger testimony than he thinks. And he also said he knows he needs to make it to church and he said he plans on it very soon.

We also got on the subject of basketball and he said he was an
 all state point guard in high school and that he had 48 points in the State Championship game and he said he can also dunk it. And he's 5'11. And white. ;) Anyways he said he is going to come play basketball with us today. So that should be a treat haha. If he is that good, hopefully he doesn't make us look that stupid.

I miss all of you guys!

Going to play some basketball, soon. And still have some other emails I need to work on. I love all of you guys even though I may not show it always. Sorry for that. Have a great and safe week!

Much Love,
Elder Ballif

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