Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Getting Familiar with Logan Iowa and spread out area

Hey Family!

So this week was good in some aspects. But whatever nothing crazy has happened this week. We actually haven't been able to do much the latter half of the week. They changed the rule with the miles for cars and they now a lot us miles every week (that is changing to every 3 weeks this week) and we had to do a lot of driving the first of the week so we had 26 miles left on Thursday. It's about an 8 mile drive to Logan and back so yeah we couldn't do a whole lot. And it used to be if you went over on miles it wasn't a huge deal. Now if you by even 1 you get your driving privileges taken away for 3 months and if you do it again you get them taken away for the rest of your mission. So yeah I'd rather not drive when we don't have miles. It's hard here because Logan is a 100% driving area. I think it's illegal and not safe at all to walk to town from where we live.

We live with members
 by the way. In there basement and we basically have it all to ourselves so it's nice. The house uses well water so they have some weird rules since they're in a drought here. We're not supposed to flush the toilet if we're only going number 1... Austin would fit right in. So anyways it's not too bad.

So as far as people we're
 teaching goes. Not a whole lot to talk about yet. There is someone named Elaine (the genealogy lady). She has been seeing the missionaries for like 2 years now. Her husband was/is angry at God because their son had a heart attack and passed away when they were hunting together. So yeah used to be very bitter towards the missionaries but now he's really nice towards us it seems. Elaine believes the Book of Mormon is true and all of that she just needs the support of her husband. So hopefully that will come.

There is also a 19 year girl named Claire
 (I've never met her) and she comes to church usually and she wants to be baptized but her mom is not supportive. So yeah that seems to be a reoccurring theme here. No support. 

Seeing the way this mission works I'll
 probably be with Scarpa for 3 transfers. So I need to make the best of it I suppose and do my part to make things work. What do I need to learn from this is the question I need to ask.

Anyways I hope I can get this work moving here in Logan. Have a great week everyone and stay safe! I love you!

Elder Ballif

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