Monday, March 24, 2014

Things Picking Up in Our New Area - Several new Investigators

Hey Family!

 Well anyways I'm excited to get back and spend time with everyone. That is something I took for granted a lot and now being away from you guys I realize how much I miss doing that and I want to take advantage of it a lot more when I get back.

 Oh and Dad if you would, could you please keep me updated with sports and what not, because I don't check that stuff so I have no clue what's going on. 

 So as far as weeks go this was pretty good. We got 4 new investigators and will probably have a couple of guaranteed new ones this week. So the first one is Gary. He is an inactive RLDS member and Brother Hussing's (Elder's Quorum President/Ex- pastor for RLDS) brother-in-law. The lesson went pretty darn good and I think right there is a potential baptism. His work schedule makes him work every other Sunday but this next Sunday he is not working. He mentioned that the when he has gone to the RLDS church the past few years, he couldn't feel the Spirit there like he used to. And he said he felt the Spirit while talking to us so now all he needs to do is get married to the person he is living with and have her move out or him move out. The person he is living with his RLDS as well but she used to live in Utah and was baptized into our Church but went to RLDS when she moved here. I have no idea why anyone would do that but whatevs. We focused on the Plan of Salvation when we talked to them because the Community of Christ does not teach that.

The next person is Ron Chamberlain. We ran into him on the way to see a less active member in Harlan, Iowa. He lived in the same apartments as him and we were going up the elevator and he was waiting to get in and we came out and he asked us if we were business men and we said who we were, and he said "Mormons?" and we said yep, and he immediately told us to take a seat. He knows a lot about history and talked forever. He is really into genealogy. Well more so cemetery's but whatever haha. He is currently Catholic and he gave us his address and phone number and said we can stop by anytime. He is currently on dialysis so I don't know how much time he'll have left.

Anyways the next person is Viki, she is a former investigator and is moving soon but she will still be in our area. It sounds like she is going through some tough times and she said she wants to start having us come by again.

The next person is Pam. We got a referral from the Mission Office and it was original from a member who is unknown. Probably one of her daughters. Well anyways Pam wants to start coming to church and start being taught so that should be great. She has two daughters that are members, one living in Utah. The other people that will become investigators this week (if all goes well) are the children of a less active (I think). One is 9 the other is 11 and they were not baptized and the 9 year old for sure wants to be baptized but I'm not sure about the 11 year old.

So yeah things are picking up here in Logan. Hopefully some baptisms will come. I'm definitely excited.

Well anyways I hope all of you have a great day. I love every single one of you guys! Have a great week everyone!

Elder Ballif

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