Tuesday, March 4, 2014

First full week in Logan Iowa

Hey Family!

So I completed my first full week in Logan. So its not that bad. I do have some things I will need to take care of. My new companion Elder Scarpa has some serious issues I will need to address with my Zone Leaders and probably my mission president. It's a bit of trial for me right now.  

I'm on exchanges right now with Elder Paonessa we had a great lesson last night. It's too bad this is not my area. :) We're up in Denison which is in the Logan ward but the Spanish Elder's cover it. I have no idea who that Spanish Elder you mentioned is haha. The two Spanish Elders are Elder Smyth and Elder Paonessa.

Hopefully things will improve soon with Elder Scarpa, because I'm not enjoying life right now. On the bright side I am succeeding on working to be even more diligent as a missionary, despite the challenges with my companion. The extra effort is working, because the lesson I had with Paonessa last night was awesome. The Spirit was very strong and I had a great time. We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and the importance and blessings of coming to church. He said he believes that the Book of Mormon is true but he just needs to make it to church. He wants to but I guess his son causes a lot of problems and it embarrasses him and he doesn't want to make other people deal with him. We addressed his concern and he said that he will probably see us on Sunday. This week is Stake Conference however so it may not work out but I did mention that a member of the Seventy would be there so it will be awesome--so hopefully he comes.

Well anyways, I need to get going. Keep me in your prayers and you are always in mine.

I love you all. And tell Heather congratulations for me. That's pretty awesome. I like Chris and I'm glad you guys seem supporting.

And the Alma 60:6 was more of a joke but that's alright that you went along with it anyways, haha.

Be safe everyone! I LOVE YOU!

Elder Ballif

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