Monday, August 25, 2014

Jeff and Tina Doing Great and getting ready for Baptism

Hey Family!

It sounds like everyone had a great week! I was honesty a bit distracted this week, but as the days went on, it got better. 

Jeff and Tina are doing great. Jeff has a smoking problem to overcome but I have faith that he can do it, and so does he. We gave him a blessing to help him quit, and he has until Saturday to do so. The Zone Leaders are going to be interviewing them for baptism then, and then the following Saturday will be the baptism. 

We actually had some some other people at Church that we were not expecting. Christine and her kids came! I couldn't believe it. We didn't really get to talk to her after sacrament meeting or anything so that was a bit strange. Maybe she's embarrassed or something but oh well. At least she came to Church. I was really happy about that. 

The Lake boys also passed the sacrament and they did great! It was awesome to see. Oh one little funny detail with Jeff and Tina. They have 2 boys, one that is 5 and the other is 4. Anyway the 4 year old somehow always gets loose during sacrament meeting and runs up to the stand and is running around up there while someone is giving a talk. Oh my goodness. So anyways Elder Stubbs and I baited him with candy and he came over and we got him to go back to sit with his parents, only to get loose again like 10 minutes later haha. This happened like 3 or 4 times. Oh man. He'll learn... Hopefully haha. 

Oh and that family we chose for fellowshipping came on time! It was great. That was the first time I've seen them 2 weeks in a row at Church since I've been here. They also sat with Jeff and Tina so that was good. 

We haven't seen Gina Green the past 2 weeks. I honestly am not too upset about that or anything. She won't do anything we ask her to. We can't help her if she can't even help herself. We'll see if that changes anytime soon. We'll probably try to set something up with her this upcoming week, and lay down the law. 

I am so chapped I'm missing my second season of college football. Dangit! Oh well just one more. That's pretty neat they're playing UConn. I got to play basketball again today, as we're in Council Bluffs. I did slightly better than I have been so I'm happy about that. Still have a long ways to go but oh well. I also made some good plays in volleyball, what a shocker. 

Well I'm going to get going. I love all of you guys! Have a great week everyone!

Elder Ballif

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