Monday, August 11, 2014

Still in Logan, Iowa - Did not get transferred

ed up about it, but it didn't happen. I am still in Logan, with Elder Stubbs. I am completely fine now and regained composure. Elder Stubbs also being sick on Saturday and Sundayslowed things down a bit. But Elder Stubbs and I are doing great, we're getting along really well, and I am excited to get back to work. 

We actually had 2 miracles this week, and they were both on the same day. And what was even cooler, is that I specifically asked for some miracles the night before. So in the morning around 9 we get a text from Elder Crozier asking if we're teaching anybody with the last name Dozier, and I replied that I'm pretty sure there is someone in the area book with that last name. So I went and checked their first names and it turned out to be the same people attending the Fontenelle Ward with the wife's dad because he is a member. They had moved from the address in the area book, and Elder Crozier got their new address which is still in the Logan Ward, and they said we can start coming over. So I am pretty excited about that. 

And then the other miracle was us finding some lost sheep. So there was this that are members, that ended up moving somewhere else in town and the Church didn't know where to. So anyways, Spencer one of the recent converts that was baptized in May (the son) has a best friend, that we've seen quite often. He came to church with Pam, Eric and Spencer and the bishop recognized him. Turns out he is the son of that family that moved away, and he was never baptized because he was too young and doesn't have a recollection of going to Church. So now we know where this family lives and hopefully will start teaching the son soon, and getting the family back to Church. 

That's good to hear that Austin is doing better. And that's good he's hanging around Todd Smoot again. He's definitely a good kid. 

How's Heather doing? Last I heard she was sick, but I can't imagine that would still be the case. Oh and I forgot to say happy birthday to Jenn so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I have been pretty crappy at remembering that stuff during emails. 

I've had a good day today. We went down to Council Bluffs again and played volleyball and basketball again. I still am struggling a bit with basketball, but again, oh well, what can you do? 

We saw Gina Green again yesterday. It was probably the best discussion we've had with her. We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and avoided the polygamy issue fairly well. Basically we said if the Book of Mormon is true, there is no issue. Hopefully she will actually start coming to church. That would be cool. She knows she needs to. She just doesn't so it can be frustrating. 

The Lake family is doing well. Jessup, the second oldest son is being ordained to the priesthood next week so that should be awesome. They're an awesome family. Brother Lake has so many funny stories from his mission. He also wasn't the greatest missionary, what it seems like from the stories, but he still is awesome. He served in Salt Lake City. And I guess he at one time was a really good basketball player. 39 inch vertical, and had a money shot. He is 6'2 and got 10th in the state of California slam dunk contest. Which is saying something for it being all of the states best high school dunkers. 

Sister Lake also holds the Nebraska state record in college for most 3 pointers made in a game and most in a season. Unfortunately for her the WNBA didn't exist when she was in college or she very well could have made it. 

I hope everyone has a great week. I love every single one of you, even though I may not show it all of the time!

Elder Ballif 

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