Monday, April 29, 2013

Talked in Church and Transfers Coming

Hey Family!
That's great about Shelby's farewell. I'm sure she's going to be a great missionary.   Hmm it will probably just be a lot like here as far as missionary work goes. Non existant. Well not really but The NOM mission is supposedly in the top hardest stateside missions. But I'm surviving. Oh and that sucks Missy Bevan is going to Iowa. That place. Oh my goodness. So backwards but whatevs. A lot of Indians there I'm sure.  We have one Sudanese family in our ward , the Ruans or Rials, and they awesome. Sister Ruan is so nice and humble. She is a single mother of 5 and still finds ways to get us money for food. She's awesome. But yeah they are all as black as or blacker than Tyrone Corbin. It's crazy. 

Well our week went a bit better. We reestablished contact with Juan so that was good. We will be meeting with him hopefully sometime this week. And Daniel said that he quit tabacco a few days ago so we're going to reset him sometime this week. 

And Elder Crozier will probably be getting transferred this week. I don't know but it will likely happen. So yeah Mom if you end up sending a letter don't send it unless you send it to the mission home or until you found out if I'm staying or not. And thanks for the 50 bucks! :)

 And as far as basketballs go we haven't been playing the last couple of weeks since we're not allowed to play at the YMCA anymore so yeah our church's court here sucks so yeah. I dont know I'll play it by ear. I really hope I can serve in Lincoln or Souix City sometime. I would like that a lot and from what I hear I the best places to serve as far as having an enjoyable time. 

Oh and Jenny Gibson is still not coming to church. Her husband has been having some issues but yeah I hope they get cleared up soon cause we already talked to him about it. Yesterday they said they couldn't make it to church because they had no gas but Elder Crozier said we could find them a ride and they said "No thank you" so yeeaaah..... Pretty frustrating. 

Oh and my talk went well. I talked for 15 minutes spot on apparently and talked about Member Missionay Work. Yeah I felt like our ward needs a lot of help in that aspect. Oh and our Ward Mission Leader is awesome. But he can only do so much. He's a convert and used to be a druggy and was on probation and all this stuff but now he's married in the Temple and is awesome. Brother Cantino. Alex Cantino. I'm sure you can look him up on FB and friend him or whatever you do. Oh and our Bishop gave us a refferal today so I'm pretty sure my talk worked because that was one of the things my talked stressed. I've talked about tracting before but yeah we don't hardly ever. We only have twice and our Mission President has said not to so I won't complain haha. 

Oh and that suit I got is a winner. It's black and whitish gray specked with lime green lines (not super prominent) and is a cowboy cut style so it looks awesome. Yeah I'll send a picture next week :) Well anyways I hope you guys have a great time in St. George! I love you guys!
Elder Ballif

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