Monday, June 17, 2013

Transferred to Bellevue

Hey Family!
Well transfer week has been fun--not really. Kind of stressful but we're getting settled in. That address I gave is correct. They're like brand new apartments and if you look up Williamsburg Dr, it's right by it. I don't know why google maps doesn't pick it up. 

My new apartment is sweet. It has a washer and dryer and doesn't smell like weed. And yeah, Bellevue is a lot nicer than Grand Island. And the ward seems pretty awesome as well. I mean Grand Island has some nice areas but I don't think I've seen any projects in Bellevue. Oh and we don't even live in our area so I haven't seen much of it. We live about 2 miles from our boundary. And we have no car and no phone but I hear they're working on getting us both. 

The Bishop yesterday was wondering if we're allowed to drive other people's cars but unfortunately we're not. It's pretty awesome cause the ward seems like they're bending over backwards for us. They must be sick of the Sisters haha. There has been an investigator going to church for a month and a half and they haven't even seen her or even gotten her address. Which I got within being at the church for 2 minutes. But yeah we haven't been able to get like anything done, not having a phone or car. 

 My companion's name is Elder Mendel. He's from Canada and he's 28 years old. Yeah. He's a bit interesting. Pretty awkward so I do most of the talking now. Which is good for me cause it's making me a bit more talkative. Well I have to be now. He goes home in 3 months so lucky him. He predicts I'll kill him off and then become a District Leader and Trainer. That will be a joy. 

Chappell said that training is the most difficult thing. And he's a Zone Leader now. That's why I got transferred. But whatever Bellevue seems like a nice place. 

That's great about Mom and Jenn's weight loss! I have lost around 25 and missionaries that haven't seen me in a while all noticed I've lost weight so that makes me pretty happy. 

We have our work cut for us this next transfer. I'll probably tract a few times but It'll be a good experience. I'm gonna miss Elder Chappell but I'm sure I have stuff I need to learn from Elder Mendel. I've already learned from him not to serve a mission till you're 28. Man that would suck. 

Well anyways I love you guys! Have a great week!
Elder Ballif

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