Monday, June 24, 2013

Getting Adjusted in Bellevue and Got to Go to the Temple

Hey Family!

There's a severe thunderstorm warning right now so the weather outside is bonkers right now. I'll be fine though. Haven't heard anything about tornadoes. This one night back when I was in Grand Island, there was like 8 funnel clouds and some touched down in a town called York that I've actually been to quite a bit. They were out in the country so no serious damage so that's good. 

But anyways things are going good here. Well it's always tough reopening an area but hopefully we can get some stuff done. We don't really have any solid investigators but this one former investigator talked to us for a bit and invited us back some this week so hopefully that works out. My companion is from BC, Canada and is 28 years old. And is super awkward. So needless to say I do most of the talking. And even though he's been out 21 months I do most of the coordinating as well. So yeah I wouldn't be surprised if President Weston has plans for me to train soon. 

President Weston is awesome by the way. He hates tracting haha. Hates it. Which I won't complain about at all. He a pretty funny guy as well. Someone was talking about maybe extending their mission and he said "Extending? I wouldn't want to extend even for 2 months." But yeah he's really in tune with the Spirit and pretty awesome and says funny stuff. 

I got to go to the temple this past week on Friday. It was good. The temple is super small it was weird. But it was a good experience. President Weston actually told me in Celestial room to "Hang in there" cause yeah I would be lying if I said that Mendel was my favorite companion. But don't worry I'm hanging in there. I hope things pick up here soon. I'm sure they will. We have a good ward and bishop. Too bad a lot of the area is military housing which we can't proselyte in. 

And with my reading I'm on chapter 18 I think of 3 Nephi so I'm getting there. 

Hopefully by next week we'll have some investigators to talk about. 

Well anyways I love you guys! I sent Austin a letter so I hope he got it. Well have a great week everybody! I could go for some couch rest right now and some T.V. Whatever it'll still be there in 1.5 years. 

Love you guys!


Elder Ballif

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