Monday, June 3, 2013

Two new Investigators

Hey Family!
My week has been pretty good. Not quite the amount of lessons as last week but still a decent amount. 10. Not too shabby for Grand Island I suppose. Before I forget I spent 30 bucks at Kohls in place of the 30 bucks for shoes. Just a heads up. I should be good spending money on the home card for the month, hopefully longer. 

Yeah it's frustrating as a missionary because you get your hopes up. But whatever, if we keep being diligent and obedient I'm sure we'll see the fruits of our labors. 

 That's great about the cabin. I feel like I want to take more advantage of that when I get back as in go a lot more with you guys. That's good that the job is working out for Austin. I still haven't heard a thing from him. Makes me pretty upset actually. But whatever. I'll try to get a letter out to him this coming week. 

Dang I hope you can figure out what's going wrong with the car. And yeah that was not a very good investment. I still like Audi's though. The previous owner did not take good care of it. I saw a brand new Honda Accord and it was really nice. I wouldn't mind driving that. 

I hope Ellie does well in her recital. Tell her good luck! 

As far as teaching efforts go, we potentially have 2 new investigators. One guys name was Duke and he was a "brotha". Served prison time no big deal. He was super nice and he was a former investigator and we talked to him out in his yard and he said we could come by and teach some lessons again. And the other one's name is Ann. She was taught a ton by some Sister missionaries around 5 years ago. She sounds like she believes but is content where she is at. I think that can change. And she said we could come by any time so that was good. She was really nice. 

And as far a my reading goes I am on Helaman Chapter 6. I really liked the war chapters of Alma. Captian Moroni was a boss. 

 Oh and crap yeah I ment to mention something about the package last week but forgot. I sure did get it. And it was awesome. The high chews are all gone haha. Oh and the beef jerky was gone in like a day and a half. I'm going to be using the TF-1000 later today as well. And I liked those ties too. The "patriotic" one is pretty ridiculous. I wore it on Memorial Day haha. 

And yes Dad the Church is true. I love you all! Stay safe and have a great week!

Elder Ballif 

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