Monday, October 28, 2013

Tom Perry, Scipio, and Chan doing well.

Hey Family!

I hope everyone has had a great week. My week here in Bellevue was pretty good. And Mom, I don't know why you're surprised I'm still in Bellevue. I'll probably be here until February haha. 

Well anyways are week was really slow until Saturday and Sunday. We were able to see Chan and we talked to him a bit about baptism and what it means and the commitment he'd be making and I really hope he understood. I have a feeling he's smarter than he seems but I have no clue because of his poor English. 

And no we did not get to go to the Trail Center this week. We are seeing Eric tonight but we're setting up something for the TC for a later time. And Dan had to cancel our appointment for the Trail Center. No clue as to why, but whatever we'll catch him this week. 

We didn't here from the Perry's all week this week and we just decided to stop by on Saturday night and they let us right in. The Perry's are a super cool family. There will be some hurdles but we can get through them. They actually went and saw the Book of Mormon play and they said it was hilarious and I'm sure I'd agree if I could go see it. It didn't scare them away or anything they just had a few questions which we answered. They then invited us to have dinner with them which was great. It was spaghetti and meatballs and it was pretty good. And I don't know how you can make bad spaghetti but I've come across it on my mission haha. 

They then wanted to play Settlers of Catan with us. A pretty fun board game actually. I won because I'm so awesome of course ;) But really I played it a lot in Grand Island so I'm not too bad at it. 

We're going to try to set up some basketball to play with Tom. He can't on Monday's so we've been trying to set up for other days but we've been unsuccessful thus far. 

We also had the chance to see Scipio briefly. He's doing good. He actually works for Google and from what he says they sound like a great company to work for. And we got him the Gospel Library app on his phone. He was really impressed by it and hopefully it makes it easier to start reading. He's a super nice guy and we'll be seeing him again, tomorrow

Oh and our investigator Annie that dropped off the face of the earth, we just made contact with her again and we are seeing her tonight. Hopefully that goes well. Last time we talked to her, she was in Alma and that was over a month ago, so she could be done, if she's been reading since we lost contact. 

I guess we'll see tonight. Well I need to get going. Going to play some basketball! 

And that's awesome about BYU. I miss watching the games, but they'll still be there when I get back. And as far as reading goes I kind of just jump around. I've been looking around in D&C lately though. 

You are all always in my prayers! Have a great and safe week everyone! 

And happy birthday 6 days ago, Mom! I love you and I love you all!

Elder Ballif

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