Monday, October 7, 2013

Great Conference! and Things Going Well

Hey Family!
I hope everyone had a great general conference weekend--I sure did. 10 hours of conference. It was pretty fun. I had a good time and yes I was at the church for each session.  As far as our investigators, we got Robert to come for an hour of the very first session. And Chan came for the Sunday morning session. It went well. 

Our week wasn't bad at all even with the 2 days of just conference for us--we had 13 lessons and got some new investigators. Robert is doing good but is still having a hard time with balancing his stuff as far as work, school and gospel stuff. We'll continue to work with him and then hopefully things will pick up with him. 

So anyways Chan is doing good as well. He has made it to church 3 weeks in a row now which is impressive to me because he's been taught for a year now and these were his first 3 times. 

We also were referred to a family by some members who are friends with them. We got to teach the husband on the doorstep and we gave him a BoM and set up a return appointment for Thursday with his whole family. Hopefully that works out. He had a ton of questions haha. The Perry's is their name. 

And we also got some some new potential investigators because a new person just moved into the ward and she has her grandson in law and grand daughter living there who are not members and they're planning on having us over for dinner sometime this week so that will be good.  We also got some referrals from the Sisters that seem pretty promising as well. 

Well I suppose I'll talk about conference now. I enjoyed it quite a bit. My top 5 talks were Eduard Dube's (you know why ;)), Holland's, Oaks', Uchtodorf's, and Monson's. I enjoyed each session but I think the Sunday morning session was my favorite. 

Just 2 more conferences to go until I'll be watching it with you guys again. That's pretty weird. Anyways I don't have much more time but I hope everyone is doing well. Things are going good here in Bellevue. It's almost transfer week again. That's pretty weird. Every 6 weeks. I'm almost 9 months out. Weird. Time goes by fast and slow at the same time on a mission. It's really weird. In the moment it feels like forever but when you look back, it's not. 

We're going to play basketball again today. Have a great and safe week everyone. 

Happy birthday in 4 days, Kim. 

I love you all! 

And that's great about BYU. Too bad they could not beat those yewtes. ;)
Elder Ballif

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