Monday, October 21, 2013

Transfers pass, still in Bellevue -- for at least one more transfer ;)

Hey Family!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. My week was pretty good. Here was pretty good. But it was really long. It was transfers and transfer week is always the longest week of the transfer. As you probably guessed I'm still in Bellevue with Elder Belnap. One more transfer and he'll be going home. I'm sure I'll be at that point before I know it. 

Well I suppose I'll talk about some of the people we talked to this week. We saw the Perry family on Monday, so a week ago now. We brought Brother Tyrrell with us and I thought the lesson went pretty well. They have a ton of questions and some were difficult to answer. But it helped a lot that Brother Tyrrell was there. Tom is struggling with his faith overall and Sylvia (the wife) struggles with the idea of organized religion and so called "male superiority" in religion. But we are planning on taking them to the trail center this week so that should be a good experience for them. 

Speaking of the trail center, we're going to it with Dan George this week on Friday. That will be great. The trail center is a really good place to feel the Spirit and not to mention it's right across the street from the temple. 

Now Chan I don't know. I mean it's great and all he's set for baptism, but I don't know if you guys really understand Sudanese people. They will say yes to almost everything. They're "too" nice. They just go with everything. And I'm not entirely sure he really understands the commitment he will be making. And I don't want to bring him under greater condemnation if he's not aware of what he's doing. But the baptismal service is still a month away, hopefully we can clarify some things. 

Like we watched the Joseph Smith movie and he noticed that the temple doesn't have a cross or anything to his understanding a cross means you're Christian. We already talked to him about that specific thing but it sounded like he completely forgot about it or didn't understand when we did. 

And we got to see Eric last night. He brought up some concerns he had. Like one was how you have to be a member to go in the temple. His idea of it was, there are righteous people that aren't members of the Church. We helped him understand a bit better and hopefully we'll get to clarify even more next time we see him. We had to end a little early because it was getting dark and cold outside but hopefully next time we'll answer some more of his questions. He still needs to read the Book of Mormon and I feel that will help. 

And yesterday we got a new investigator as well. We had some time that we didn't know what to do with it and a couple of months ago I was looking through one of the progress records in the area books and there was this guy named Scipio who didn't have any teaching records. 

Anyways a few months ago we knocked on his door and he said he wasn't interested. And I just randomly thought (well the Spirit made me think, I'm sure) we should go knock on his door. He let us right in and we taught the restoration and he accepted the invitation to be baptized, so yeah that was pretty cool. 

Well anyways I think I'll leave off with that. We're going to play some basketball soon so that should be fun.

 That's great about BYU. I can't wait to be back for Taysom Hills' senior season. Well anyways I love you guys! And that's great Austin got a girlfriend. Have a great and safe week everyone! 

Oh and Josh's talk worked. It was great! LOVE YOU ALL!

Elder Ballif

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