Monday, February 24, 2014

Transferred to Logan Iowa

Hey Family!

Yep, I got transferred. Not to Woodbine, although that is in my area. I am serving in Logan, Iowa. It is a town of 1500 so that should beinteresting. I went from the city to nothing. The area is really huge out here so we cover a lot of ground. It literally is the middle of nowhere. I am a bit stressed (although that is mostly because I always am when something changes) but I'm trying to have a good attitude about everything.

The ward seems pretty nice and there are some
 spanish missionaries serving in the area as well. My companion's name is Elder Scarpa. He is from Vacaville, California and has been out for about 5 months. I don't really know how to describe him. He is a bit of a cowboy I guess. He also dubs himself as "a bit of a grease monkey" so yeah. He wouldn't be my first choice but anything is better than Mendel.

I'm really interested to see how long I stay in this
 area. I honestly have no desire to do another 9 months here. Or in any area. I need to get used to this area definitely. It's so spread out. It takes forever to get from town to town. Shopping should be a lot of fun. The nearest Walmart is in Council Bluffs which is 30 miles away. But there are some grocery places and a Shopko here where we are doing emails (Missouri Valley).

Before I forget, Happy Birthday Dad! I hope
 you guys have a fun day on Friday. A seafood buffet sounds pretty neat. I haven't had crab legs or lobster in forever.

Oh so one pretty
 neat thing about serving here, is Elder Chappell is now one of my zone leaders so I'm pretty happy about that. Oh and there are some more promising things about the area. The members seem to be a lot more proactive and involved. We have a team up almost every day and we have already received 2 referrals for some people that want to talk to us. And this area seems to have more service opportunities. We help a semi active member work on cars at his auto repair place (I don't do much) and we also do some genealogy work for a non member. Mostly just convert hard copies of things to soft copies.  So I don't know.

I was
 really used to and comfortable with Bellevue but I'm just going to need some time to get used to this area. I really just want to have a few months of success and then go somewhere else. So yeah I'm doing good.

Also on a random note, I heard Tyler is home? Which is weird
 because 2 weeks ago he said he was getting home in March.

Anyways I
 hope everyone is doing well! That's great Austin got a job.

Now I just
 would like to hear from him. Share Alma 60:6 with him as if I were speaking.

Well anyways, I love you all! I hope everyone has a great
 and safe week!

Elder Ballif

Danny Rameriz

 The District
 The Raymonds
 The Brysons
 Woodbine, Iowa

Logan, Iowa my new area

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