Monday, April 22, 2013

Tough Week! Investigators still slipping up and Car Accident--Hoping things will improve!

Hey Family.
This week was pretty slow again. The less actives aren't progressing, the investigators aren't progressing and the members don't help which is actually the most important part of missionary work. When the members don't help the missionary work goes stagnant. 

We are still working with Daniel. He is just not ready to quit chewing tobacco. He had is baptismal interview and the DL Elder Hawkins (who is awesome) caught him with a can of chew in his pocket and called him out but he made excuses about needing the weight in his pants and some other bs. And then 2 days later me and Elder Crozier stopped by for an unexpected visit and he was chewing and when Elder Crozier asked why he had it in and he said "I didn't know you guys were going to stop by"   So at church Elder Crozier asked him what we needed to do to help him stop chewing and he said "Stop pushing me so hard" and we literally haven't pushed him hard at all. All we have said is you need to quit by this date to get baptized on this date. So yeah. We are not too thrilled with his behavior. 

Oh and I got in a car accident on Saturday. That was fun. It wasn't my fault though so yeah I'm not too worried about it but I still feel bad. Nebraska has a lot of "4 way go's" which is a 4 way intersection with no lights or yields or stop signs. Yeah pretty retarded since the drivers here have a hard enough time handling green means go and red means stop. Or and they don't know what a turn signal is used for I don't think. Yeah sarcasm but there is some truth. Anyways 4 way goes are yield to the rights so this old lady stopped and so yeah I thought she was yielding so yeah by law I wouldn't have to stop anyway and as I was starting to go through the intersection she pulled out and broadsided the car. Yeah she was driving a Buick tank so not really any damage on her car (it was an elderly woman) but the driver's door of the fusion is pretty messed up. So yeah I'm filling out church paperwork for that so it's just a lot of fun.  But on the brightside no one got hurt.

I hoping this week will improve. I had an individual fast yesterday for some help on some things and I hope it works out. I love you guys! Stay safe!
Elder Ballif

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