Monday, April 1, 2013

Going Well

What up Family!!!
I hope your guys' week has been great! My week was alright. We had a pretty decent week number wise and then we did some service for a recent convert family (landscaping) who are super cool. John and Charlotte Schrock if you want to look them up on the book of faces. 

And yeah we're feeling better now but I still have that unfortunate thing. My favorite part of Mosiah was probably 2-4 because King Benjamin is a boss. And I'm about 15 chapters into Alma now so that pretty sweet. I finally know what the "reign of the judges" is because when I was younger I had no clue what it was talking about. 

I forgot to include Happy Birthday though so I'll do that via email. Yeah Daniel is still working on the tobacco. CC is starting to bug me though. Daniel gets grumpy when he tries to stop chewing and she gives him chew and says "You need this" so yeah she's not helping. And she smokes too and just found out she was pregnant and still does so yeah that's not cool. And all I'm going to say is NEVER do meth... But yeah I still think he'll be able to since he's progressing fairly well testimony wise. 

As for as investigators go my favorite is definitely Juan. I don't know if I've talking about him, but he's super awesome. But he could have a felony marijuana charge that I don't think he really deserves (long story) but yeah that could possibly put him on probation for 5 years which would suck but we'll still see him and be good influences to him. We have a lot of fun when we see him. We kind of tone down the missionary status and just be his friend but we also stay gospel related for a lot of the time. He's awesome. Oh yeah he's 21 years old so yeah. And he owns his own house and a BMW (He's a welder) but he found out he has a child so he's now paying child support and paying for a lawyer so yeah he isn't in the best situation. 

That's great about the Jazz and BYU. I hope I can maybe see some stuff at least with BYU... I'll make it happen. Maybe. :)

And yeah we did not get invited over to a members house yesterday. But whatever we're not upset or anything. Our ward isn't very missionary minded even though we have lessons and stuff on it. And the whole welfare system is a little broken (this is mom's question) so yeah get just as much or more money on welfare as you do for a minimum wage job so there's not any motivation to do anything. Like people say "We don't have any money" and then I think "Oh then how did you afford that PS3 and HDTV?" Yeah it's pretty weird. 

And yes Mom I got the package and the soundtrack was awesome :) Thank you.   Thank you so much for everything you do for me! I love you guys so much! Have a great week!
Elder Ballif

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