Monday, July 1, 2013

Things Picking Up in Bellevue

Hey Family!
I hope you have had a great week. Our week hasn't been too shabby. We had met some new people and got in touch with some formers that could possibly work out, I don't know time will tell. And about my companion. It's not that we argue or anything. He just doesn't do anything and I basically have to do everything. It's just pretty stressful. 

And our ride situation has gone to crap because the Zone Leaders are being ridiculous and won't let us ride with the Bellevue 1st Elders because they're not in our zone so I'm having to deal with that. We have interviews with the Mission President so I'll mention something about it. 

But today other than that hasn't been too bad. Yesterday while walking home I found a pair of those headphones that I had that Austin lost, on the ground. Tender mercy haha. I was pretty happy about that. They still work too. 

We met a guy yesterday named Jimmy and he's a brutha. We talked to him for a little and mentioned the BoM and he said no thanks I believe in the Bible. And we talked about how both the BoM and Bible are both the word of God. He seemed pretty interested and took the BoM and invited us back next week. 

 We also have an investigator named Dan and we (I) taught the restoration. He was really open and seemed really interested. He said he should probably read it all the way through. That would be awesome. The lesson went really well and next week we're going to see him again and teach the PoS which should be good because his son died in a shooting mishap not too long ago. He was about my age. So yeah I feel like there is some potential there. 

This week has been a little rough without a car. Hopefully we can get a permanent one soon but if not we're burning some cals. :)

That's awesome about the Jazz. It's about time they do something in the draft haha. 

I'm in Mormon now in my reading so I'm getting there. I'm really hoping these investigators work out. I see great potential with Dan. Hopefully Jimmy will come through as well. 

I love you guys so much! And miss you! Have a great week! And that's exciting about the baby! Tell Kim and Todd congrats. And you better send some pictures!
Elder Ballif

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