Monday, July 8, 2013

Going to the Zoo and working to build Investigator Pool

Hey Family!
I have had a pretty decent week. Things are getting a bit better with my companion and I. I'm definitely adjusting. And Dad I'm sure he'll make a change as well seeing how he's going home in 2 months haha. So at the very most I'll be with him for another transfer. And it's getting better so right now I don't care I'm just trying not to think about it and I feel by doing that, my mission will go by faster. 

As far as broadening our teaching pool this week it didn't go so well. But we did set up an appointment with a less active member's son who isn't a member for tomorrow. We'll see where that goes. She says he's atheist but he's 17 so yeah. Also we're going to see Dan again this week so I'm excited about that. And no we not allowed to go on the base. And we're not allowed to proselyte in base housing. Separation of church and state or some stupid thing. But we can still go there if we have an appointment so that's good. 

That's crazy about the Jazz. I did not see that coming. But that makes me excited. Alec Burks finally will have a chance to shine. And Troy Burk sounds like a baller like you said, Dad. 

That's so awesome about Clara! She sure is chubby haha. Too bad I won't get to actually meet her till she's 1.5 years old. But whatevs, the same thing happened with Brynlee and Austin and that seemed to work out. 

Sounds like you guys had a great Independence Day. I wish I could've lit some fireworks but whatever there will be the rest of my life for that in 1.5 years. 

And no my companion is not the DL haha. No way. The Mission President is aware of him. In interviews he told me "I want you to keep a very detailed journal of this time. And when you have as much time left as Elder Mendel I want you to look back on it and look what he did. And don't do that." Hahaha President Weston is a funny guy. 

My reading has been going very well. I'm in Ether and I'm on chapter 6. I really liked the last chapter of Mormon. Moroni. That guy. 

We're going to the Zoo today so that will be loads of fun. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures. And Elder Crozier is going too so I'm going to meet him there so that will be fun. 

Hey guys how was Man of Steel? It has a phenomenal soundtrack that's all I know. 

This week was my first week that I ran into someone that was rather anti. Well I didn't run into he is married to a member. It's so amazing how many things people twist and when they tell you their beliefs, they don't make any sense, whatsoever and they tell you they make perfect sense and that ours don't make any. I kept my cool and it didn't get too heated so that was good. 

And Mom as far as the cool experiences go I don't know. I don't have too many haha. But last night we did give a priesthood blessing to someone that was sick. He wasn't a member but his sister was. Anyways he said he immediately started feeling better and is going to read the Book of Mormon now. It was pretty cool. He was really funny. He hated liberals and just when on an on about it haha. 

 Anyways I'm doing good. I love you guys and I hope you have a wonderful day and week. Love you all! The Redwoods look huge!


Oh and here's another experience.

A guy came to Church yesterday (he's my age) and it was his second time coming and he sat right behind us. Anyways he was going to leave and we asked if he was coming to class and he said no. Then I said if I beat you in an arm wrestle you have to come to class. He said ok and guess what? I beat him. And he came to class and actually enjoyed it. And he's going to start meeting with us now! Haha that's a new missionary tactic that I've been working on. He was actually pretty strong and did martial arts come to find out but I someone beat him. Strength of the Lord haha. But he probably will end up not being in our area so we'll have to turn him over :(((((

Elder Ballif

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