Monday, July 15, 2013

Zoo Aftermath and Teaching Experiences

Hey Family!

I am doing pretty well. The Zoo was pretty fun last week. Spending 15 bucks to look at animals was a little much for a missionary but whatever I figured it was something I should do at least once on a mission. The gorilla was awesome though. 

The work is getting better slowly but surely. The lesson with Robert the atheist alright. We got a return appointment for tomorrow so something good must have happened. It was hard though because he didn't have any questions or anything. But whatever we'll be seeing him tomorrow so hopefully he's thought about what we told him. 

Anyways the kid I arm wrestled. He lives in the Bellevue 1st boundaries so we don't get to teach him :( I was excited. But things will work out I'm sure. His name is Joshua but he's native so I guess it's pronounced or maybe even spelled Jesooah. I have no idea. 

But things are going well with Dan. He is in his 40's maybe 50's and we read with him out of the Book of Mormon on Friday. And this Thursday we're going to see him and we're probably going to teach him the Plan of Salvation. He has a lot of questions about seeing loved ones again and it's hard to show him scripturally because it's not mentioned often. 

Speaking of scriptures I am now in Moroni. I'll be finished by next week. 

Anyways I think Dan could have some great potential. I think his wife is Catholic and isn't too fond of Mormons but she's nice to us and everything but she doesn't sit in on lessons. But maybe that'll change. I don't understand how Catholics can say they believe in the Bible when their doctrine has so many contradicting things with it. But whatever people who are religious by tradition probably don't care. 

Oh and we also started teaching this Sudanese guy named Chan Wol Majok. He is super nice but a bit hard to understand. There are a lot of Sudanese people in Nebraska. Chan has been taught before but he kind of fell off the map but we got in touch with him and retaught the Restoration. We also soft set him for baptism so we'll see how that works out. 

And about the guy who we gave the blessing. His name is Robert. He is probably in his 50's and he's awesome. On the night we gave him a blessing he talked to us for like 2 hours haha. He's pretty funny. Anyways he told his Sister who is a member that he really enjoyed and I mean REALLY enjoyed talking to us and wants to talk to us again. So he's coming back to Nebraska (he's doesn't live here I don't think) and is going to see us. 

And Mom thanks for the offer with money and everything. Maybe I'll go buy a soundtrack today if that's alright with you. So just keep an eye out for that. Hopefully there is something good at Walmart haha. I already got the Man of Steel soundtrack so don't you worry about that haha. Well I hope you guys are doing great. 

Things are getting better and I'm definitely getting more comfortable with everything. I love you guys! I'm going to play basketball today so I'm excited! Take care and have a great week everybody!

Elder Ballif

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