Monday, July 29, 2013

Investigator Activity Picking Up

Hey Family!
Well my week was alright. It was transfer week this week and as you probably could have guessed I am still in Bellevue haha. Which is alright with me. 

Robert the atheist is doing well I think. I didn't get to see him this week because I was on exchanges. But apparently he changed his views to agnostic which is a start. We'll keep working with him and he keeps inviting us over so we must be doing something right. Dan is doing really well. He still is getting more swords and things for us to look at when we go over haha. He said next time he'll have to show us his assault rifles. We won't be shooting any though don't worry ;) We're going to try and watch Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration with him so I hope that works out. We talked to him mostly about the Book of Mormon last time. He's really open to it which is great. He wants to read it all the way through and I think he will because he's read the Bible like twice, which is not all small feat so I have high hopes. 

The weather here has been pretty good the past week. It's like 60 today. Which is great because before it was hot and humid. Last year I heard was awful. I think it hit 118 with something like 80% humidity. But this summer has been better thankfully. 

 We still haven't found an apartment to move into but we haven't given up. The ones we have found that would be good don't have any open but I'm sure it'll all get straightened out. The reason why we have to move is because the apartments we're in now require everybody to go through background checks and stuff and that's just not gonna work with missionaries and what not so yeah that's why. Kind of stupid but whatever. 

Hmm well I'll probably go back through parts of the Book of Mormon but right now I really enjoy reading the Bible Dictionary. A lot of cool information in there. 

Oh and we were just informed and part member family wants to start taking the discussions. The Brosman family. The wife is a member but no one else is and they have 3 kids I think. We have an appointment on Saturday so I'm pretty excited. Oh and we received a referral from some other missionaries and they taught him the first lesson and everything went really well they said but they're going to have to turn him over to us so that should be nice. Hopefully things will start going our way haha. 

Well I love you guys! I am really excited to see how BYU does as well. Keep me posted. Oh and I bought the King Kong soundtrack. Last one I promise haha. But seriously it will be. That was the last one I wanted to get. Well that and Star Wars but I think I can live without it. 

I love you guys! Have a great week everyone. 

Happy birthday Jenn!
Elder Ballif

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