Monday, September 16, 2013

Baptism for Chris

Hey Family!
Things are getting better and better here in Bellevue. Things are going great with Elder Belnap and I'm really enjoying serving with him. I have been laughing a lot more since serving with him which I suppose is a good thing. 

Well I guess I'll jump right into talking about the baptism. It went great. I gave a talk on baptism which was fitting. Everything went well and he was happy. I was too. 

Well Chris is doing good. And I forgot to get a picture with his whole family but I did get one with him. I work on the family picture next week ;) 

And right after the baptism we taught a guy from South Africa (not Sudan) and we set him for baptism. He seems pretty solid actually. We're excited about that. He's set for November 23rd but that could change we'll see. 

And Annie wasn't able to make it to church but she had a legit reason. She got in a car accident and her car was totaled but and her parents got her a car so she went and picked that up. So things seem to be getting a bit better for her which is good. We are going to see her tonight so I hope that goes well. She has been reading the Book of Mormon so I'm excited for her. Maybe we'll get her set for baptism. 

Everybody else is doing well. I need to get going so sorry guys. Kind of lost track of time since other missionaries came here with us.

Oh and Mom the weather here is great. It has been 60-75 this past week and today the high is like 70. It was 58 when we woke up and it felt great.

Well I love you guys! I hope everyone is doing well!

Oh and Elder Belnap is from Cedar Hills Utah ;)

Elder Ballif

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