Monday, September 9, 2013

New Companion Elder Belnap and Things picking up

Hey Family!
I hope everyone had a good week. My week was pretty good. Actually the best week in the Bellevue 2nd area. The moment when Elder Mendel leaves, go figure. 18 lessons. 9 since Elder Belnap, my new companion got here. So yeah I'm not training or anything, not in leadership, but still just serving. Belnap is actually going home pretty soon. 2 transfers. The same amount of time Mendel had when I got with him. But Belnap is a better missionary and I have a lot more in common with him so it has been much more enjoyable. And he actually talks. So yeah it has been good. 

We were able to see basically everyone this week except Robert but whatever we'll get him this week. Seeing Dan went really well. He was asking a lot of questions about baptism, which was really cool and we're hoping that things progress from there. He is really intrigued about everything and I'm excited to see how it goes. We got all of the things taken care of for Chris as far as his baptism goes. 1 on Saturday. It'll be good. The Ward Mission Leader is baptizing him, but I am giving a talk. It should be good. 

Steve is doing good. He is a little nervous to come to church but we'll keep working with him. Annie is doing well. She is planning on coming to church this week which I am excited for. We have a few potentials that we will see how they pan out. 

Oh and mom I was not able to get a voice recorder because my card expired. I cannot use the home card anymore. So if you can send me a new one or just order a voice recorder online from amazon or something and have it sent straight to my apartment (3804 370 Plaza #14 Bellevue NE 68123) that would be great. Or if we do the card route I can get one at Walmart or something. But I think it would be worth it. 

That's awesome about BYU! I wish I could've watched it. I believe Taysom Hill will improve on passing over time. Even when not passing well, it sounds like he's better than Riley ;) 

Thank you for all that you do! I love all of you! I need to get going. We're playing basketball as usual. I'll get pictures of the baptism. LOVE YA!
Elder Ballif

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