Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bellevue Picking Up

Hey Family!

I hope everything is going well for everyone. Things have been pretty good this week. In fact we hit 21 lessons which is now my new record for the mission. And may be for quite some time. But it was good. Everyone is doing well. 

Chris will be receiving the priesthood this coming Sunday so that should be pretty exciting. He says he is nervous but he'll be alright. That's so weird to me that he is only 3 years older than me and is married and has 3 kids. He just got started early I guess. But he is doing good. We're planning on taking him to the trail center soon (Winter Quarters) so that should be a good experience. 

And Annie. She is doing good. Well her apartment flooded and what not so that kind of sucks and she's still going through some trials but we taught her the Word of Wisdom and things seem to be going good on that. She was smoking a pack and a half a day but now she's down to 10 cigarettes a day. Which is a great improvement. 30 to 10 in a few days. I think. I'm not exactly sure how many are in a pack. 

And yes the baptism did go well. I'm going to be performing a baptism this Saturday as well. That should be a good experience. Things are picking up here in Bellevue. We got 2 new investigators this week and a few potentials. Oh and Chan finally came to church. It's about time haha. 

Other than that we're still working with all of our investigators but time will tell if they start progressing more. My favorite one, Dan George hopefully will start reading the BoM soon. I know that's what he needs to do but it has been difficult to get him to. Hopefully that'll change soon. 

  And yeah that is too bad about BYU. I was kind of half expecting it actually. Bronco sucks at getting his players fired up. And yeah I don't think it was so much that Anae was good than it was that they had some really good quarterbacks. 

And the voice recorder is great. I haven't missed a day for my journal now. I think you guys will appreciate that when I get home. I feel bad for not starting it earlier but what can you do? One thing though, my card keeps saying it's declined. But it has worked at other places. I don't know it's weird. I'll check it at an ATM or something and if insufficient funds aren't the culprit I can call that number and fully activate it or something if that's the problem. 

 I hope you guys are having a great anniversary! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
Elder Ballif 

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