Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy Fathers Day

Hey Family!
Well first off, this is a day late, but Happy Father's Day, Dad!!! 

So this week was just an average one haha. Nothing spectacular happened or anything. Talked to a lot of people saying they'd come to church and they didn't. It can get discouraging but I'm trying to keep a positive attitude. Christine didn't make it. We actually didn't hear from her this past week so I hope everything is alright. We tried calling but we weren't able to get a hold of her. And the Brucks up in Dunlap didn't make it to church either. I'm assuming that they went to the Zoo for father's day. I remember them talking about that and I guess we both spaced that it would be the next week. Michael also didn't make it to church, I'm not really sure why. I wanted to go and see him last night but we didn't get around to it. We'll try to do that tonight. 

And I didn't even get to play basketball last Monday :( I guess something came up in Council Bluffs so it didn't happen and we got a call by Elder Chappell saying not to come because it fell through. Speaking of Elder Chappell, he goes home in a week. That's pretty freaking nuts. 

And speaking of going home, I do have some details about that. So I was approved to go home a month early. However there is one small little detail that is inconvenient. The Church doesn't do any traveling between December 18th to the 26th so the earliest I could come home is the 27th.  

Well that's pretty neat that Chris' dad came here and talked to some Sister Missionaries that knew me. I have no idea who the Sister's would be. But I did serve in Omaha for 9 months so I'm sure someone out there must remember me, after being exiled to Iowa. 

So transfers are next week so that's pretty exciting. I am pretty much 100% positive that Scarpa will be leaving. A change will be happening somewhere, that's for sure. If we stay the same, I don't know what I'm going to do. I am so ready for a new companion it is not even funny. It's been a frustrating 4 months. But also a good learning experience. And we have had some great things happen. But I am excited to see what can happen if I get a stud missionary.  But I guess knowing the problem is half the battle. I'll do my best to get out and work hard the next week and a half. Heck it'll make the time go by faster.

Being District Leader is going pretty well. I mean it's something new and I love going on exchanges with the other Elders. The trainings are assigned topics each week so there's not much leeway I can give on them unless I tie it back to the topic. This weeks topic is focused on the Atonement so there should be plenty of subject material. 

Pam, Eric and Spencer are doing good. They had a very busy weekend at the hotel so they didn't make it to church. They also haven't quite given up coffee and tea, and I don't know what their thinking on that is but they just need to quit it. Stop procrastinating. 

I mean there are worse things they could be doing but still. That's pretty exciting that Heather's wedding is so soon. I hope it all goes really well. And yes I will be there for the most important part of the marriage so that's good. I hope every one is having a great week. I'll do my best to make my last weeks with Scarpa good ones. 

Have a great week! I love you all!

Love, Elder Ballif
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