Monday, June 2, 2014

More Less Actives Making it to Church!

Hey Family!

This week has been a pretty good one I suppose. District Meeting went very well and this next District Meeting should be good as well. It isa little weird to be 'conducting' the meeting after having sat andwatched for the last 16 months. But things are going well. 

I went on exchanges with Atlantic and things seem to be going well with them.Their area is very stagnant, but hey so was Logan when I got here. I hope I can help them turn that around. There is no such thing as a bad area, or so they say haha. They cover even more ground than we do.They live 20 or so miles away from Atlantic and there isn't much other than Atlantic. 

Thanks for putting in that request for an early departure. I will email my President today. I don't really know what to say, but I will make sure not to get too caught up with all of it, and stay focused.

Church yesterday was good. We had quite a few less active members show up. Michael (the guy I talked about last week with the job) showed up and I was so happy. He brought his fiancee along, who is a non member so that was awesome. I am so happy that he came. He is also getting involved with the Boy Scouts, because I guess he is really good with survival. He has been "blown up 7 times and shot twice" so I guess that's pretty neat that he is still alive and seems to not have any injuries from it. 

Another less active member came who is a old guy who lives in Logan, and we just started mowing his lawn the past few weeks. He is a funny guy. He is super into conspiracy theories and thinks the world is out to get him. Every time we see him he always brings up "geo-engineering" and how the government controls the weather, and they're spraying chemicals in the sky, that are toxic to our health. Funny guy hahaha. 

So while we were on exchanges Elder Scarpa and Elder Adams saw Christine and her two kids. I guess Christian got mono. So that's not good. I hope he is able to recover quickly so that they can start coming to church again soon. 

Pam, Eric and Spencer are doing great. Pam and Eric were set apart yesterday  and they should have a good time with their calling. Spencer should start passing the sacrament soon, he just needs to get the right clothes haha. Even though there isn't a dress code so to speak for that stuff, our bishop wants everyone to look nice, which they should. 

I got up and bore my testimony at church so that was nice. I actually have gotten in the habit to do it every single month. Ever since December or so. It was a very good testimony meeting. I talked about the atonement and shared Alma 7: 11-13 and also talked about missionary work and shared D&C 18: 15-16. I'm not admitting to anything but I may or may not have started to tear up a little. 

And anyways. I hope everyone has a had a great week. I should get going, but I love all of you guys. Heather's wedding is this month, so that's pretty wacky. I hope everything works out. And was she able to find her ring? That would be nice if she did. Well anyways take care everyone. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Elder Ballif

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